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Here you have some tips on how to receive rewards, how to make Juiice bigger, stronger and better

If you don't know yet, Juiice platform and application was made with you in our minds. Who makes any platform succesful?
- users
- content creators
- platform creators

So in order to be succesful, we need YOU and for that, we reward every registered user and content creator. Learn how to use our site through our gamification and you can become our power user in no time.

Open your personal or business/fan/artist account
Whatever is your thing, you can receive nice rewards for that. If you sing, post how you sing. Are you an artist, post your art. Do you like to watch funny videos, share them on other social networks and channels you have. Do you like to write, then apply for copywriter account and start blogging, writing articles, about what you like, about your passion, gadgets, sport, games,... Basically our site is your tool to receive rewards and those rewards you can turn into real hard cash if you want. You can also use the site just for FUN. So bookmark the page, install the app and enjoy.

Be original, constructive and positive
Good, extra, funny, WTF, weird things goes around the internet and around the world fast. So be original and be creative. There's a lot of sections that people like to watch. So when you have something funny or some co-worker that did something, some footage of some interesting things that you think can get views, post it and enjoy reactions. People will share, like, comment and you will receive rewards for that. We also have an option so your followers can TIP you and support you with different stickers and badges. Those can be redeemed in our Juiice tokens and potentially those tokens can be converted to FIAT money. That's realy hard cash.

Try to find what is trending now
There are daily trending topics. Catch the wave and enjoy getting views, likes and comments. People will share you experience, news, post and everyone receive reward for that.

Make the best use of our platform
See us as your tool to create your side business, some reward scheme, where you can earn some extra. Some will live with Juiice reward, some will use it as side income. Some will donate their earnings. Upload the content directly on our site! Do not email us your content. The best way is to click on upload and publish your post.

Try to use proper grammar and spelling
We know some of you like to use urban language and write as you feel. We respect that. But we believe that if there will be more of us that use proper grammar and spelling, we overcome those who don't care about their language. Don't give grammar nazis a chance .

We have a bounty pool - give us constructive feeback and suggestions
We know that everyone of you can find something they want to see our our platform. A lot of things are on our TO DO list and we're already working on them. But if you have any constructive feedback and suggestions or have found any bug, please let us know and we will work on it.

Report those spammers and those who abuse the system
If you work with someone, you want to work for clean and good standing company or partner. So let's unite and fight spammers and those who try to abuse the system. Together we're string and can make the best rewarding tool on the planet.

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